Ksidás village
Pediada, Iraklion
Built at 510 m with 319 people Ksidás (GR: Ξυδάς) also known as Lyttos, is located at 3 km from Kastelli in the foothills of the site of the ancient town Lyttos. The first mention of the village goes back to 1368AD, with the name Ksidas.
A burial site was discovered when the road was being constructed, at Chomatolakkos, belonging to late Roman period.
Two gold rings have also been found here, the one with stone, showing the portrait of an emperor holding a spear, and the other with a hoop, showing two interlocking hands. A bronze ring with a Greek inscription, along with golden plates and bronze coins, were also found at this site.
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In and/or around Ksidás village:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Athena Apartments Stalis
at 11.4km(NE) from Ksidás village
Athena Apartments

Aquis Blue Sea Village Resort & Spa Stalis
at 11.7km(NE) from Ksidás village
Aquis Blue Sea Village Resort & Spa

Memories Apartments 94 Eirinis Street, 70007 Stalís
at 11.7km(NE) from Ksidás village
Memories Apartments

La Luna Apartments Stalis
at 11.8km(NE) from Ksidás village
La Luna Apartments

Arminda Hotel Hersonissos
at 12.2km(NE) from Ksidás village
Arminda Hotel

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