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Island: Crete
Prefecture of: Hania
County of: Kydonia
Municipality of: Gerani

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Municipality of Gerani


Gerani is located 14.5 km west of Hania. The local people call it Pano Gerani in order to distinguish it with the coastal settlement of Kato Gerani located one kilometer to the north.
The village is mentioned at the census of Fr Barozzi in 1577 but his history is believed that starts centuries ago while some (E.Lambrinakis) claim that here was the exact location of ancient Kydonia and that a temple of VRITOMARTIS used to be here.

A cruel battle took place at Gerani between the Turks and the Cretan revolutionists in 1867.
Ioannis Papadogiorgakis the famous revolutionist (hainis) renowned as "GERANIOTIS" where born here in 1798.

Entering Gerani

Present days Gerani is a rich village with remarkable agricultural production especially oranges, olive oil and wine.
There is also a doctor's office.

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