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Island: Crete
Prefecture of: Hania
County of: Kydonia
Municipality of: Gerani

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The first school of I.Kondilakis

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Municipality of Gerani

. A visit to the surrounding area will be a lovely experience especially for the keen walkers. A car or a bike would be however enjoyable.

Away from the heavy traffic central road to the mainland through orange groves, tall cypresses, plane trees, and eucalyptus are scattered picturesque unspoiled villages, with the traditional cafes, small local "parliaments", serving the Greek coffee, refreshing "submarine" and of course raki.

Metohi Issihaki with the monastery

Starting from Kato Gerani, the foundations of the first German cemetery, which was later moved to Maleme, are still visible. A little before Pano Gerani stands the monastery in a place called "Metohi Issihaki", and between the villages of Gerani and Modi an old half ruined house which used to be a school. A plaque on one of its walls reminds that here the renowned Cretan writer and journalist Ioannis Kondilakis started his career as a teacher.

The church of Panagia (Holly Mother")

At Kotsifiana, a location between Gerani and Manoliopoulo, is the small church of Panagia. A patronal feast is taking place here every year at September 8th and many people are gathering to celebrate.

Between Vrisses and Koufos, there is a characteristic two peaks hill, on the Western bank of Platanias river (the Homeric Iardanos river). The lowest peak, is called Kastelos, and the higher is Called Ag. Georgios, because of the small church on the top of the peak, dedicated to Saint George.

According to Pococke, the area was the Homeric Kydonia, concluding it by an Homeric verse.

There many more remarkable places which are awaiting for you to explore and enjoy in combination with your unforgettable visit to the beach of Gerani.

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